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On a holiday with my Arche shoes!

We all know the chaos, when packing for a holiday.

For all of us ladies it all starts from “what shoes should I take with me?”.

For me this question is long answered! There is no doubt I’ll take my Arche Laius, because they are super light and literally take no space in my luggage. But that is by far the last reason why this is my first choice of footwear to pack for a holiday. These shoes go with absolutely everything…dresses, skirts, trousers, jeans, short..whatever you imagine.

Their flattering shape makes the ankles look slimmer and more elegant. The best thing I love about my Arche shoes is that they feel like second skin. I have this pair for more than 2 years now and no matter how many other shoes I buy, this pair will always be my first choice (please don’t tell that to my other shoes, I love them all, but…)

But honestly don’t take my words for granted, just try a pair and you’ll see what’s all about!

Arche shoes pumps